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Company Profile

Excellence and Innovation

Advantage and Perspicacity.

Master technological advantages and create kinetic energy of enterprise.
With excellent technical specialty and continue to make breakthroughs of innovative business indicators, Jackson Brass, in early 1990 pioneering stage, was called "Yuan-Ta" and dedicated to the traditional lathes, drilling and processing metal parts & sanitary parts OEM.
After decades of hard work and long-term focus on enhancing R & D capabilities, we have held on the concept of providing high-grade products and service and received the praise of customers.
Because the enhancement of the key technological capabilities and the continuous growth of the scale of business operation, Jackson Brass has encountered a new opportunity for technological upgrading and transformation in 2006. The whole production line is fully upgraded to CNC computer lathe and officially changed its name as " Jackson Brass Ware Technology Inc.
Contracted to produce precision metal parts of copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, and have done more to enhance brand's competitiveness and new corporate vision.

Elite Team of Elite Technology

Sustainable Advancement and Achieve Exceeding and Elite Technology Continuously

Sustainable Advancement and Achieve Exceeding and Elite Technology Continuously Jackson is with the most stringent attitude in face of rapid technological development and integrates professional and technical team and continues to make progress, research, and innovation as well providing customers with the most perfect solution to create the goal of the highest satisfaction. We have achieved sustainable advancement and exceeding technology continuously by continuous professional training and functions development. Having technical training and refining with the domestic and foreign professional technicians from time to time is the way to warding perfect.

Advanced Performance and Superior Process

Profound Professional Background, Excellent Quality, and Reputation

Profound Professional Background, Unexceptionable Quality, and Reputation All parts and products of Jackson designed professionally, and were implemented by a strict quality inspection process. We have held on "quality first, customer first" business philosophy. Jackson has accumulated decades of professional design and deep professional background of manufacture. Excellent quality and unexceptionable reputation win customer's affirmation unanimously.

R&D and innovation

Top advantages and sustainable patent advantage, Strong quality of the top competitiveness.

To greatly upgrade the multi-professional background, accumulated 20 years of R & D and design experience, Jackson use of the R & D advantage fully, continuous quality improvement, not only greatly accelerate job performance, and reduce the personnel operating time, it is really safe.

Quality and Accurate

Insist On Absolute Quality and Ubiquitous Brand Promise.

Jackson has long been committed to pursue the belief of "absolute precision, accurate, and practical". Implement and pursue high quality. Jackson Brass Ware Technology Inc. took a rigorous and absorbed attitude maintaining trust of the international partners closely to win international customers, make sustainable management, and global marketing brand promise.